You can contribute to the campaign first and foremost by spreading the word. If you find an initiative worthwhile, share on all the platforms you know – Facebook, Twitter, etc. Your support and passion tells others about the campaign and its importance.


The more important thing anyone can do during an electoral process is vote. Whether the campaign spends $100 to a million dollars, or whether a candidate is campaigning alone or with a dedicated team, at the end of the day, your vote is what matters on February 22.


Meet your neighbours in Ward 12 and tell others about this campaign in person. Nothing is warmer than a smile to greet resident constituents who may be still deciding on who to elect. In a campaign with 29 candidates, the team makes all the difference.

Request a Lawn Sign

If your residence or business is in or services Ward 12, email to request a lawn sign.


If you would like to contribute but don’t have the time, or would like to further the impact of this campaign, please make a monetary donation. Even $5 goes a long way with how we are pushing every dollar to reflect the responsibility a city councillor has. Making responsible decisions on million dollar budgets starts by respecting the small amounts.

Print Your Support

Print your support by printing out the picture and posting it wherever you wish. Whether it’s your home, business, or community, organic support is most important. Please note these cannot be placed on public school property and must still follow road-sign bylaw.